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Welcome to Plant Kingdom

We're pleased to announce the OPENING of our 2nd Location to serve you - the Snaction Heroes outpost with No Whey vegan Chocolates. Visit us at 5361 Mayfield rd in Lyndhurst Ohio, next to Bankok Thai restaurant. Hours are 4-9pm on Tues, Thurs, Friday. 12-9 on Saturdays. Not only will you find every nourishing goodie in our Hemp foods product line, but also indulgent, obscenely tasty chocolate treats made on-site by No Whey. Together, as Snaction Heroes, we're promoting cruelty-free & sustainable options like the BEST PRICES on Hemp & Cacao super foods, Ohio-grown grains, vegan proteins & smoothie boosters. Our random specialty items come from local and/or independent companies that share our values.                     Serving up Hemp seed & vegan goodies since 2008, Plant Kingdom is here to keep you energized & feeling great! We gain such strength from pure plant-power - it's something glorious. Please do partake! By providing dietary essentials: complete protein & good Omega fats, Hemp seeds have a way of knocking out hunger, making our snacks uniquely satisfying & easy to absorb.


What People are Saying About Plant Kingdom Products

I fuel up with Hemp energy bars for my runs and it works better than anything

- Jeff Wissler, Kent OH

"The best thing about Plant Kingdom products is that they're so good and happen to be healthy. That you get the best of both worlds is win-win! Oh, and two words: GOO BALLS! Possibly the most addicting protein-rich snack out there."

- Tara Sturm, Freelance writer and environmental investigator

I will work for Goo Balls. Try these and they will blow your mind.

- Faith McFluff, Voted Cleveland Scene Magazines #1 Fashion designer of 2010


When we team up with local non-profits to snack for solutions, some of our snackers hear the call and come to support!!

If you havent picked up one of our nifty hand-outs please find them here and spread the word about versitile, functional HEMP foods!

We're incrementally making some healthful alterations to our services!!